Have you tried TFH Meat Products?

TFH Meat products
The truth is, I haven’t heard TFH Meat Products until they sent me some of their products to try. 🙂

I’m just so impressed with the packaging, it has a touch of premium quality.

The reason I haven’t heard anything about TFH is because it’s a young brand and  it’s only available at Landers Superstore.

According to them, it’s ALL natural ingredients – absolutely no preservatives, no artificial flavorings, no nitrites, no food coloring.  It’s something that I’m looking for easy to cook meals, something close to home-cooked meals — easy to cook but healthy!

TFH Meat products

They boasts that all their products are original homegrown.

I like the fact that all their products are sold at a very affordable price too, their Cabanatuan Skinless Longganisa is sold at P280/ 1kg .

All their products are ready to cook and easy to cook, fitting for a modern household lifestyle like us. 🙂

Among the meat products they sent my favorite is the Cabanatuan Skinless,  it’s very tasty and has a very lovely flavor different from other longganisa brand. 🙂

You can only buy TFH Premium Meat from Landers Superstore. You can also e-mail tfhmeat@gmail.com or call 880-9044 / 0939-9021429 for orders or inquiries.  Visit their Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/tfhmeat/ and see the other premium meat products they’re selling! 🙂



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