On World Egg Day Celebration: Tell me, what is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?

If you are like me you will immediately answer: I don’t know, I don’t play favorites!  😛

But you know almost everyone has a favorite color. Even if you don’t think you have one, like me, you’re probably still more naturally drawn to some colors more than others. It’s just, we are not just paying close attention. We all have our liking — that’s just how we roll, people. 🙂

Although, as I grow older, everytime they ask me what is my favorite color I say, red.

But that’s not true, hahaha.  I only say red because red symbolizes power,  strength, health, and vitality. Red also means you are someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive.  I try to pretend to be red but the truth is I’m drawn to color  yellow.  I’ve read that statistically, yellow isn’t preferred by many, with only five percent of people claiming it as their most favorite color, and apparently, as people get older, they start to shun yellow.  But I think I got it the other way around, the more I get older the more I feel in love with the color yellow.


I like the vibrant color it brings in my food photography, it makes the subject stands out. 🙂

joybites photography

And the happiness, playful and joyful character it adds to my children’s photography is so awesome. 🙂


They say, it takes a certain type of personality to like the color yellow. I read, it involves a high level of optimism that most people over the age of 10 just don’t have. Because of this optimism, and the idealism that comes along with it, people who love yellow sometimes come off as funny, whacky, and eccentric (sometimes crazy)!  Exactly like me, but on some occasions only. (I swear, cross my heart.)  😛

Though nothing is set in stone, probably in the next few years when you ask me what is my favorite color I would say red, without pretension.

But regardless of what color you choose, color is just color until you paint it in your heart and your soul. Before I end my blog post I want to end it with my favorite line from the famous poem by William Ernest Henley, Invictus, published in 1875:

I am the captain of my ship and the master of my fate.

How about hue?  What is your favorite color?

If you still don’t know or you are not yet aware of your favorite color, I would like to invite you to discover your favorite color and find out what’s underneath that shell of yours at the World Egg Day Celebration on October 12 at the Mall Atrium of Eastwood Mall, it’s gonna be fun! 😀

World Egg Day


See you! <3







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