What does it really mean to have a favorite color?

A hundred and three weeks ago (well, not exactly šŸ˜› ) I wrote a blog post with the titleĀ On World Egg Day Celebration: Tell me, what is your favorite color?Ā  Today I’m writing a follow up blog post about it because I just discovered I don’t have a favorite color.


Surprise, surprise! šŸ˜€

I favor a color in different times and occasions but playing favorites, nah, I really don’t.Ā  Although I’ve read thatĀ  theĀ colors we preferĀ play a hand in our personalities and behavioral traits BUT, this isnā€™t to suggest that our favorite color defines us.


After one hundred and three weeks ago I had a chance to ask myself if I really have a favorite color because after the 50th week I’m already having doubts. I picked yellow during the time of writing my previous post because that’s how I feel: happy, playful and joyful to which yellow stands for.Ā  The next week I’m drawn to red because I’m feelingĀ outgoing, aggressive, and somewhat full of energy.Ā  The next day I feel likeĀ  grey because I’m feelingĀ bored, detached, and indecisive.Ā 

See, I couldn’t even make up my mind which color is my favorite.Ā  I can’t stick to one, duh. šŸ˜›


Then I looked at the big picture and realized, life is not about appreciating and paying tribute to one color, life is appreciating, enjoying and embracing all the colors that surrounds us.Ā  Think for example the opportunities and challenges that we faceĀ everyday, now imagine it represents colors.Ā  Would you dare change your color preferences because a better opportunity comes along or you stick to the same old favorite color you always have had?

Sometimes we forget that we have options, we have choices, we forget our gift… our gift to choose whatever pleases us.Ā  We always go with what is comfortable, what is familiar, what people expects from us.

*Oh,Ā a glassful of mediocrity. *

My truth is we can be flexible.Ā  There’s no rule that says, as a true, normal human being we should have a favorite color or we should stick to oneĀ FOREVER (this is not applicable to spouses, we should stick to one at all causes).


The color I’m drawn to today is red, tomorrow let say black, the next day red again, but regardless you get the idea, right?

Our life is painted with all the colors available in the universe, let it be that way.Ā  It’s perfectly fine to play favorites but be very, very flexible, I’m sure a lot of people would love to see you pick different shades.

Can you imagine cracking your Bounty Fresh Eggs with all the different colors of yolk each and everytime, isn’t it exciting?Ā  It’s like you close your eyes before you break it and wish that it could be orange, or blue, or purple. šŸ™‚

Bounty Fresh eggs

Now I’ve already told you about my truth, tell me, what is your truth about colors and how do you apply it to life in general?


*P.S. All photos are mine which was taken at Auberge Discovery Bay Hongkong in 2016 (except the Bounty Fresh Eggs). šŸ˜›












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  1. Kanishka Acharya
    February 9, 2018 at 3:06 pm (2 weeks ago)

    Ah! Finally, someone saved me haha… I have the same feeling since forever. I never preferred one color! I like different colors for different things and at different occasions. Being a graphic designer I tend to even look for specific shades! I could never stick with one color.


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