Product Review: Tupperware Can Opener

I have a new can opener!  It’s the new Ergologics Tupperware Can Opener.

Tupperware Can Opener
Opening cans of food these days has never been so quick, safe and easy thanks to this essential, everyday kitchen tool! 🙂

Tupperware Can Opener

It  is designed with a special guiding mechanism, a comfortable handle and turning knob, unique cutting mechanism and specialized pincers. Straightforward and safe to use.

Tupperware Can Opener

It’s suitable for left and right handed use too. 🙂

I personally like it because it doesn’t leave sharp edges on lids or cans.  Lids can be easily removed without ever touching the hand. 🙂

It’s so cool, watch this video so you can see it for yourself:

Check Tupperware’s social media accounts to see how you can get one too. 🙂

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Tupperware Can Opener
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