PACE ACADEMY – Brownies and Cookies Workshop

If you know me, I cook and I bake a lot for my family.

I learn cooking and baking from watching cooking videos online, my personal favorite is

I publish my best recipes in my food blog  I never had a formal schooling or workshop in cooking but, so far my cooking and baking skills are awesome, really, promise, cross my heart.  😀

When PACE or PROFESSIONAL ACADEMY FOR CULINARY EDUCATION Academy sent an invitation for mommy bloggers for a brownie and cookie workshop I said yes.  Though watching videos is cool, getting a hands on experience is a way cooler. 🙂

I went with my friend, Lanie.

Pace Academy

We baked together in an organized, neat and clean big kitchen of PACE and I have to tell you we had so much fun, fun, fun. 🙂  We totally appreciate a big and organized kitchen and we want one too. 🙂


Pace Academy

PACE is a culinary school designed to help current culinary professionals who want to have an edge in the culinary profession and entrepreneurs who want to be more effective owners or even to homemakers who wish to improve their cooking and baking skills. They are located in Marcos Hi-way, Antipolo City.  It’s 30-45 minutes if you are coming from Trinoma. 🙂

You will fall in love with their kitchen.  If you are a budding restaurant owner this is a perfect/ideal set-up. 🙂

Pace Academy

We were taught how to bake cookies and brownies by their resident chef, Chef May Martinez! 🙂

Chef May Martinez

We made oatmeal and butter cookies.

Pace Academy

Pace Academy

And my favorite chewy and chocolatey brownies! I learned from chef May that you can add 1-2 tbsp of milk in your brownie mixture to make it more moist and soft  (see, I never learned that in Youtube!!!).

Pace Academy

If you are into “culinary” this summer here are their contact details for more information:

Address: 2nd Floor Ciannat Complex Commercial Building, Marcos Highway, Antipolo City
Antipolo 1870

Contact numbers: 654.4862, 942.1013. 0947.8963660, 0917.7024796





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