JoyBites x Caffé La Tea Food Photography Workshop – Tell a Story with Your Food Photo

Did you know that the type of food photography that most food bloggers use, mostly the main character is NOT the food?


So am I.

I’m a food blogger, my food blog is turning 4 years old this August. I just realized that for the past few years, as I write and take food photos I was blinded by the fact that I’m not solely talking about the food when I blog it.  I’m talking about my children about how they loved the food I cooked. I’m talking about our breakfast, not just the pancakes or the frittata.  Almost always, the story is about something more than the food. Go and check out my food blog and see for yourself or better yet, check out your own food blog.  It will show you that the main character of your story is not the food, but the people you shared it with. 🙂

When I realized that, I was was like: yeah, yeah…

With that realization in mind, I thought to myself, why don’t I share it with other bloggers who are passionate about food, like me, and loved to talk about it in their respective blogs.  I guess, it’s an idea worth sharing with. So I organized my one-woman workshop and invited 8 bloggers that writes about food, travel, parenting, business and lifestyle to learn with me.



I’m so happy that my neighbor Caffé La Tea provided us a space in their beautiful cafe where we can all sit down to enjoy their food and refreshing milk teas, not to mention having our hands on their five best dishes that will serve as our photo subject.

Jerro Santos, the social media marketing manager of Caffé La Tea and the man behind GourManila opened the door for us on behalf of Caffé La Tea. 🙂

Jerro Santos Gourmanila


Caffé La Tea was originally from Cabanatuan and it has 3 branches in Metro Manila: Valenzuela, Anonas and Congressional Avenue.

Their branch in Congressional Avenue is where we held the workshop.

Joy Gurtiza WorkshopIt’s a cozy and lively place, they serve coffee and milk tea concoctions, and delicious Filipino fusion cuisines.  You should try it. 🙂

Here are my favorite food shots from the workshop:

These are from Da Dominguez of the

Joybites Workshop

Joybites Workshop

Joybites Workshop

Joybites Workshop
This shot is from Jho Tacorda of

Joybites Workshop

This shot is from Tina Perez of

Joybites Workshop

In the workshop I discussed about the importance of composition in photography to help tell a story.

I also shared that in food photography there has to be a hero.  The hero is the picture perfect version of the food that will be in the final shot.


I also talked about the direction of light.  It’s important specially if you want to affect the mood and tone of your photo.




And I also shared some tips and techniques on how to shoot flat lays, which happens to be everyone’s favorite.


What about your dish? How do you create a story that helps your food dish come alive?

I also discussed the triangle of exposure which Slide helped me to sum it up specially to those with DSLR and mirrorless camera.


And as a bonus, since we are all bloggers and at some points we get products to try and review I also shared with them how to take good product photography by implementing or using everything I discussed from the workshop.

JoyBites Photography

Arla sent us their Cheesy Spread in 3 different sizes and we used it as our subject for product photography discussion.

arla cheesy spread

Here’s a nice product photography shot form Kat. 🙂


And here are the best photos taken during the workshop.

Jho Tacorda of Playful Life with Kids, won the best product photo.


It was a super fun workshop!  We all learned together and discovered the importance of taking good food photos that tells a story!

joybites workshop

I’ll be conducting several food photography workshops in 2017 be sure to be updated on the schedule dates, I’m inviting you to fill this form so I can send you updates!

Again thank you much to Caffé La Tea, visit their website and social media accounts here:










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  1. Roxanne
    April 25, 2017 at 2:29 pm (9 months ago)

    Suddenly I’m very hungry! 🙂 Great shots and I will never look at food photography the same way again! Thank you!

    • Joy Gurtiza
      April 28, 2017 at 2:41 am (9 months ago)

      Thanks Roxanne! Always, food has its own charm. 🙂


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