You are invited to Jesus Memorial Delgado Hospital First Time Mom Unit on May 29

Hooray to first-time moms!

As a first-time mom your information on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and a lot more is close to zero.  Raise your hand of you agree, first-time moms!

I’m not a first-time mom, I’m more of an experienced, veteran, expert mom.  If you are one of my regular reader you know fully well that I have 4 children, my eldest is 13 years old and my youngest is 7 years old.


I became a mom when I was 23, like you as a first-time mom I have zero knowledge about pregnancy.  I couldn’t talk about it to anybody because my circle of friends were mostly single then.  I’m not really close with my Aunts and my married lady cousins and even my mom.  So I never had a real conversation about pregnancy when I’m carrying my first born except my ob-gyn who just talks about increase my food consumption, …take this 2x a day …if there’s a symptoms like this and like that call me.  It feels like I was left in the desert alone, always thirsty and I don’t have anybody to give me a full glass of drinking water. Sad. 🙁

That’s why I envy first-time moms these days there are a lot of information available within their reach and dozens of community online that supports them.

Prenatal and postnatal education and support are definitely important to achieve a happy and healthy motherhood. You have to read a lot, and you have to ask the experts (like moms who’ve gone through the same experience, OB-GYNs, and other healthcare professionals). Another great way to learn the essentials is to sign up for classes that will help you throughout the journey of motherhood.

Good thing, the Jesus Memorial Delgado Hospital (JDMH) in Kamuning, Quezon City will be launching their First Time Mom Unit on May 29. Through this program, you can attend prenatal classes and follow through lectures before your due date—and the classes are totally free.

Delgado Hospital First Time Mom Unit

I gave birth to my youngest daughter at Jesus Memorial Delgado Hospital (JDMH) in 2009.  I can tell you so many good things about the hospital, it’s clean and very organized.  I was admitted in a semi-private room.  Although there were two of us shared the room, we both had a complete privacy in terms of personal space accepting guests up to three persons.  I admire the cleanliness, it’s not the usual hospital that smells alcohol or detergent, it smells fresh like a hotel.  When we checked out I remember we brought home a big bag of baby kit. 🙂

Here are Free Classes That Will Benefit First-Time Moms in Metro Manila/Quezon City you might want to consider:

  • Pregnancy and Childbirth Preparation Classes Learn the normal body changes you can expect throughout pregnancy, and find out how to deal with anything you’ll be uncomfortable with. Know the physical symptoms to watch out for, so you can seek treatment right away. Find out what vaccines, vitamins, or diagnostic tests you might need, when you need to check-ups, what your labor and delivery will entail, and how to address the other concerns that you might encounter.
  • Vaccination and Newborn Care Counseling Know the importance and proper schedule of vaccines for your baby, and learn the basics of newborn care to keep him or her safe and healthy at home. Make sure your partner (and whoever else would take care of your child) knows these things, too.
  • Nutrition Counseling and Exercise Classes Of course, you need to take care of yourself properly to keep your baby healthy during pregnancy. You must learn what diet changes or improvements are necessary for your and your baby’s health, and you need to continuously take care of your body with safe exercises.
  • Basic First Aid and CPR Classes You’ll never know when an emergency will arise, and having a background on basic first aid and CPR can give you some peace of mind. These classes are essential not only for moms and babies, but also for husbands and helpers.
  • Breastfeeding Counselling and Play Workshops For moms who decide to breastfeed, you must learn how to properly do it, keep it hygienic, and deal with difficulties that could arise (like soreness or insufficient breastmilk supply). You can also participate in play and musical classes for first-time moms and their babies to bond with your child (and maybe your partner) and help his or her development while enjoying your time together.

Membership for the First Time Mom Unit of JDMH is free and offers prenatal and postnatal classes for moms, parents of newborns, and other people involved in the care of the baby.

FTMU Membership Card Brouchure.jpg

Members are also guaranteed “VIP Maternity Services” from the hospital with additional benefits like discounted rates for some pharmacy items, discounted fees for selected laboratory tests and radiology and ultrasound procedures, and an ambulance service. Plus, the moms can get a complimentary photo before and after the delivery, a welcome treat for the new member of the family, and freebies from different sponsors.

Learn more about it by visiting the First Time Mom Unit launch on May 29 or by calling (02) 924-4051.






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