Denenes Cologne: Brings Back Beautiful Childhood Memories

If you are an 80’s kid you probably had a Denenes Cologne in your grooming kit at school.  I do.  🙂

I like to splash it before and after PE period.  It keeps me feeling and smelling fresh.  My most fondest memory of Denenes Cologne is sharing it with my girl friends as we sit together in one corner of the classroom and share secrets. 🙂 We laugh and we giggle over the refreshing scent of Denenes. 🙂

And I’m so glad that I can have my daughters wear it at school too, like me I’m sure they’ll have beautiful memories with it too. 🙂

I’m happy to know that they also have shampoos, shower gels and moisturizers!

Denenes Cologne
Parenting is hard. There is no way to sugarcoat it. But thanks to our parents, who passed down helpful tips, we now know how to deal with our own children. One of these tips is how to keep our kids smelling fresh and clean – and that means splashing on generous amounts of baby cologne before they walk out the door each day. Exactly the same way our parents used to do to us.

Evidently, we can’t throw memories away and habits are passed on like family heirlooms. So splashing on the Denenes Cologne takes us to the back to the scent and feel of the good old days.

When you smell Denenes, one thing comes to mind – the paraben-free and all natural baby cologne that was all too popular in the 80s and 90s. Denenes is originally from Spain and has been around since the 1950’s, longer than most baby products available in the local market.

Denenes Cologne

Moreover, Denenes is more then just a baby cologne. Over the years, they have expanded their line and to include many personal care products that are now used by teens and adults.

Prices range from P389 to P1,000 for the various products, with sizes ranging from 125ml to 650ml. These include shampoos, shower gels and moisturizers that are now available in most leading supermarkets in the Philippines.

Start a family tradition today by using Denenes, a product that has been around for more than 60 years…tested by time and trusted by mothers.

Because at Denenes, we love babies (and babies-at-heart).

Denenes…for Babes at any age!

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