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My Best Foot Spa Experience at Skinsational Spa

The truth is, it’s been more than 5 years since I last had a foot spa. Why? Well, for numerous reasons like, increased foot spa service rate and its undeniable inconsistent quality of service.  I usually opt for a foot spa for a relaxing foot bath and clean feet.  But sometimes I find my foot spa… Read More »


Why I Drink Tea and You Should too?

My husband and I are tea drinkers. We usually drink tea in the evening before going to bed.  It helps us cool down from our very hectic and demanding working day.  We usually have chamomile or valerian tea to help us put to sleep. Recently E. Excel  sent us a box of Triflora Jasmine Tea.  It’s caffeine-free… Read More »

Donita Rose

Donita Rose: Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil Brand Ambassador

Jolly Heart Mate Canola Oil brand ambassador, Donita Rose surprised everyone with her culinary expertise as she prepares 2 wonderful dishes in front of the press and mommy bloggers as part of launching the new Jolly Canola Oil’s packaging. As Donita Rose prepares her dishes, she shares her cooking tips and tons of stories on how… Read More »


“Me Time” with Wacoal: Easy Shopping for Undergarments

Can you feel it? The excitement of shopping online for your undergarments? Or to put it simply, shopping for your very own bra and panty. Thrilling isn’t it? Fitting a bra under the harsh fluorescent lights of the department store fitting room is somehow daunting.  The truth is I don’t find shopping for undergarments fun and… Read More »


Shake up your snacking experience with the return of McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries

Most people that I know looooooooove french fries. I mean who doesn’t like fries, really? Our family favorite fries is McDonald’s french fries! And surprise, surprise!!! McDonald’s gives customers another snacking experience they can look forward to with the return of the Shake Shake Fries! Well-loved for satisfying cravings, Shake Shake Fries can now be… Read More »

zap multi insect killer

Zap Multi-Insect Killer is Recommended for Every Household

Who doesn’t hate insects specially cockroaches?  And who has less than 3 reasons why they hate that creepy, little flying-in-no-direction pest? Did you know that cockroaches can thrive practically anywhere and eat virtually everything—from food scraps, to garbage, decomposing matter, and even the glue used in the binding of books. They are tough survivors!  That was… Read More »


We Love Vita Cubes Fruit-Flavored Jelly Candy

My children are not into candies, they would prefer chocolates and gums over candies.  But when I brought home a box of Vita Cubes I’m surprised they loved it and they asked if they can have it for baon for school. Vita Cubes is a delicious fruit-flavored jelly candy that is high in vitamins and minerals.… Read More »


Reap the Rewards with the Vikings Loyalty Card

Hurray!  Vikings now has it’s own loyalty card! Foodies and buffet enthusiasts rejoice! Vikings, the Philippines’ largest buffet restaurant, thanks its loyal customers for their continued patronage with their Loyalty Card! For only P300, diners at Vikings, Niu by Vikings, and Four Seasons Hotpot City as young as 13 years old can avail of the… Read More »

Ruben is two inches taller

This is the picture of Ruben recently enjoying his home-made pizza. If you have been following my post recently about the vitamin supplement I’m giving him you will agree with me how much it’s helping him increase his appetite and gain weight and don’t be surprised if I tell you that he grew 2 inches… Read More »

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