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Mom, just for Mom: JOLLY University Year 4 grand champion Bernice Angeline Tenorio whips up special dish tribute

Jolly University Year 4 grand champion, Bernice Tenorio, shares her story. Her mom, Lalaine, has inspired her in many ways: from choosing her career path, winning the grand award from a culinary competition to learning about good values despite many challenges, read her story… Most, if not all, will agree that the best cook in the… Read More »

TFH Meat Products

Have you tried TFH Meat Products?

The truth is, I haven’t heard TFH Meat Products until they sent me some of their products to try. 🙂 I’m just so impressed with the packaging, it has a touch of premium quality. The reason I haven’t heard anything about TFH is because it’s a young brand and  it’s only available at Landers Superstore.… Read More »

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What is Shopback and How it Works? is a cashback website. Cashback website is  a type of reward website that pays its members a percentage of money earned when they purchase goods and services via its links. So, instead of going directly to a shop, you access a retailer’s online store through a link from a cashback website.  You still receive your item directly… Read More »

Tupperware Can Opener

Product Review: Tupperware Can Opener

I have a new can opener!  It’s the new Ergologics Tupperware Can Opener. Opening cans of food these days has never been so quick, safe and easy thanks to this essential, everyday kitchen tool! 🙂 It  is designed with a special guiding mechanism, a comfortable handle and turning knob, unique cutting mechanism and specialized pincers. Straightforward… Read More »

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