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Don’t miss the last few days to score fresh deals at Robinsons Supermarket’s Freshtival

Robinsons Supermarket’s Freshtival is coming to a close, but shoppers still have a few days to score a wide array of fresh items that are conveniently available and easily affordable. Mark your calendars Now on its 4th year, Freshtival continues to further promote the supermarket’s fresh section products by also giving shoppers exciting discounts, freebies,… Read More »


Robinsons Supermarket stops by Tagaytay and Antipolo for its “Drive to Wellness” Campaign

I’m part of those consumers that believe that brands should be doing more to support their customers’ well-being,  and I’m glad I found a couple of brands that help achieve active and healthy lifestyle. One of my favorite brands is Robinsons Supermarket because being a consumer I feel that: 1) They take an active interest in my… Read More »


RCBC unveils its new logo and “We believe in you” philosophy

Rizal Commercial Bank Corporation (RCBC), one of the leading universal banks in the Philippines, today unveils its new corporate logo and tagline “We believe in you,” which signals the start of a new era of providing excellent and trusted banking services for Filipinos. “This milestone signals the arrival of a more committed, refreshed and re-energized… Read More »

Wellness Festivals

Green is the new definition of COOL: Robinson Supermarket’s Wellness Festival Celebrates Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Health and fitness has become a fad.  The term fat and thin had been replaced with the more powerful words “healthy and strong” and everyone these days aspire to be healthy and strong.  Who doesn’t right? 😛 That’s why I love Robinsons Supermarket.  Their advocacy to spread the word and raise awareness is making its mark.… Read More »

Tiny Buds Opening Day Giveaways

Tiny Buds Opens their 1st Pop Up Store in Glorietta

Organic, green, and natural has become part of modern parenthood. Our children require us to see the world through brand new eyes, and often, our sense of responsibility toward them extends to the planet they’ll inherit. On May 21 (Sunday) Tiny Buds™ celebrated a milestone as it opened it’s first ever mall location in Glorietta… Read More »


Organize your refrigerator with Tupperware Fresh Staks

Do you hold your breath when you open the refrigerator?  Maybe it’s time to clean and organize your refrigerator. Refrigerators are such an important part of our lives and kitchens. Considering that everyone in the family go to the kitchen throughout the day, your refrigerators get a lot of traffic and can get dirty and disorganized easily.… Read More »


Join the #DoTheCalBeats Dance Challenge

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee is set to heat up our digital screens by launching the #DoTheCalbeats Dance Challenge online! Dancers who have the rhythm to go viral are invited to make their own #DoTheCalbeats Dance Challenge dance covers. Jack ‘n Jill Calbee will be on the lookout for the best dance covers starting June 10,… Read More »

5 loaves and 2 fish

Restaurant Review: 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Restaurant

5 Loaves and 2 Fish Restaurant is a good place to  celebrate good and soulful food not because the name of the restaurant entails, but because of the overall facade it promotes: commemorate everyday success over good food and awesome company. After you enjoy their good, soulful food you will leave their door feeling you… Read More »

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