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ogalala world

Ogalala World System in Play: How learning through play develops your children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills?

Lily and I were invited to the Ogalala World: Ogalala Child Development Workshop at the Ogalala Flagship store located at L4 East Wing, Edsa Shangrila Plaza Mall. The Ogalala Child Development Workshop is a workshop for both parents and kids that share insights on children’s developmental milestones, special needs, and behavioral changes through the Ogalala System in Play.… Read More »


Kodanda Archery Range Offers Archery Lesson for Kids

Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? We are not. We just admire Katniss’ bow and arrow and her enduring skills to survive. My children are a fan of learning new things, just like some other kids. They find archery interesting… after they watched the animation movie Brave, where the strong-willed Merida demonstrates her… Read More »

the linden suite

Celebrating Mother’s Day at The Linden Suites Manila

It’s like a dream. I get out of bed, stretch, and make myself some coffee. I settle in on the couch and admire the beautiful suite we are staying for Mother’s Day. I hope most my days are like this. Slow… simple and beautiful… My family celebrated Mother’s Day at The Linden Suites Manila in Ortigas. I was telling the children about… Read More »

050615 Downy_0078

Downy Pays Tribute to Mothers on Mother’s Day

Last week, I took my eldest daughter with me to the Downy Timeless mother’s day celebration at The Peninsula Manila. And here’s our selfie together at the event. Downy Timeless invited mother and their children make new memories together and I guess the picture above best sums up the memories we created during the event.  Funny,… Read More »


Basic Manga and Story Workshop Experience

National Bookstore in Trinoma recently held a FREE Basic Manga and Story Workshop from Tepai Pascual & Paolo Herras, sponsored by Marvy Pens.  It was three (3) straight hours of fun and learning experience. We learned the Basic Manga and Story Workshop at The 1st Filipino Komiks Market, Komiket, held at Elements Centris on Easter where… Read More »

electrolux upcycle

Do More With Less Just Like Team Kramer

  I adore Team Kramer, I’m one of their loyal followers in Instagram. I’m very delighted to hear that both Cheska and Dough are now Electrolux brand ambassadors. 🙂 Mommy Bloggers Philippines was invited to take part of Electrolux’s media launch of Do More With Less campaign in Abenson Global City.  The goal of the… Read More »

la vie make up workshop

What it Takes to be Primped, Poised and Polished? The La Vie Institute Bloggers Day Event!

First off, let’s find out what the words primped, poised and polished really means according to my best buddy, Google. Primped – spend time making minor adjustments to (one’s hair, makeup, or clothes). Poised – graceful and elegant bearing in a person. Polished – accomplished and skillful. Three big words, huh? Sadly, I don’t inhibit any of… Read More »

happy children

3 Reasons Why I Teach my Children Gratefulness Habits

We teach our kids to say thank you because… As parents, we know that teaching our kids to say “thank you” is important, but planting in them a sense of gratitude is another thing. Gratitude is more than good manners, but a way of life. Not a single soul bothers if a kid says endless thank… Read More »

maricel laxa birthday

Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan Celebrates 45 years of Awesomeness at Nurture Spa Village

Mommy Bloggers Philippines were invited by Celebrity Mom Magazine to celebrate Maricel Laxa-Pangililinan’s birthday at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City and I’m very happy to be tagged along. Here’s a photo essay of my awesome experience. As soon as we get to Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City we were greeted by the beautiful and genuinely nice Celebrity Mom Magazine’s… Read More »

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