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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Have you been with a group of people and told yourself;  I belong here. I’ve been with a group of people and it doesn’t come out as a statement but rather a question. I belong here? Just this morning I sat in front of my computer, I looked at my Facebook pictures with some friends… Read More »


8 Signs of Reading Readiness

When my youngest daughter turned 4 in September 2013, I realized she was still not familiar with all the letters in the alphabet. She only recognized the letters L, C, F, I, Y and A. I read that by age 4 children should identify at least 10 alphabet letters, especially those in their own names.… Read More »


Why Grateful Moms are Happy Moms?

They say if you feel that something is frustrating, irritating or maddening, look around you and find something to be grateful for. (As if it’s the easiest thing in the world to do. Duh!)

6 Reasons Why Mothers Get a Career

So you’re slaving yourself away again in the office from Monday to Friday, each day from 7am to 6pm. Then when you get home you get to slave yourself out all over again! You cook and prepare the table. Feed the children. Then you out everyone to bed. When they are all asleep, you can… Read More »


3 Popular Excuses Why You are Still Jobless

The truth is, like everyone else I have been jobless too. I was jobless for about two consecutive years when I was pregnant with my third child.  Like you, I have made gazillion excuses for myself, until finally, I was struck by lightning and I jumped up onto my feet and really began to look… Read More »

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How To Stop Being Busy

I hate it when a friend asks me out and I instantly say, “Let’s do it some other time, I’m really busy this week.” One day I caught myself using the same excuse on the phone with a friend and as soon as the conversation ended, I asked myself if I was truly busy. Oh… Read More »

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