Parents See Brighter Future For Their Kids With S.A.M.

Seriously Addictive Math

Parents are known to be a child’s first educators. Hence, it is only natural for them to only want the best for their kids. With the holistic development and character building promise of Seriously Addictive Math (S.A.M.), it is no doubt that it is fast becoming a parent’s preference in supplementing their kids’ capability in… Read More »

Robinsons Supermarket Wants Us to Celebrate Wellness

celebrate wellness robinsons supermarket

These days when I’m doing my grocery I’m more focused on real quality food, good nutrition, fresh, less processed foods and beverages and fun, that’s why I started shopping at Robinsons Supermarket. On August 5, Lily and I took part of Celebrate Wellness as it kicked-off at the Eastwood Mall Open Park in Quezon City to promote… Read More »

JOLLY marks 20th anniversary with market share milestones

maine mendoza jolly ambassador

Following its recent 20th anniversary, JOLLY Food Line, the first owned brand of Fly Ace Corporation, has succeeded in dominating the local market for its two variants — JOLLY Mushrooms and JOLLY Corn. In the consumer panel study by Kantar World from February 2016 to January 2017, JOLLY Mushrooms and JOLLY Corn dominated in the… Read More »