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Hi, my name is Joy, I’m from the Philippines and I’m a location-independent social media community manager of one of the top food brands in the Philippines.  On the side, I’m also a food blogger and photographer.  You can check my food blog here: http://joybites.com


I’ve had a lot of different jobs before this including, virtual assistant, content provider and web enabler.

I was an entrepreneur too, I put a small call center operation for a client based in California while I managed my English school for 3 years.  My longest job was 7 years where I worked with a Canadian Marketing startup as a home-based Operations Manager. The work was good and I had a wonderful boss. Yet, after 7 years of working for him I decided that I wanted a work where I can express my creative side.

I got into food photography.

I found food photography very rewarding (emotionally and psychologically).  I snap a picture of my food, I post it in social media and I get instant gratification if anyone likes or compliments my food photography.  Not too long, I discovered I have a knack in taking photos of food. The next thing I know, I have set up a food blog, thru the help of my equally talented and smart sister Diane.  That’s when JoyBites was born.

I’m so consumed of what I have accomplished in my blog after just a few months I quit my dollar earning job.  But since I’m just starting up and I’m not in the blogger-superstar-level the money I’m getting from blogging can’t pay the bills. 🙁

I found a full-time job!

Through my food blog I score a home-based, full-time job as a Social Media Community Manager.  The work schedule is very flexible, I continue my food blogging later on I just don’t get to blog about food, I also got invited to various events where I play MEDIA.  I become part of important press conferences, product launches and workshops, I was even invited to give a talk and conduct my own workshop in food photography.


DIVA High Heeled Warriors


2nd Batch of Mommy Bloggers PH Photography Workshop in 2014

What is more from playing media is I got to share seats with people from ABS-CBN, CNN Philippines and TV5 .  I went to big 5-star hotels, eat buffets for free, take home gifts



…and the best part of it on some occasions I can bring my kids.


The opportunity has been very good and I’m loving every bit of it.  I get free food, free clothes even free shopping!  My whole family enjoys the free media passes in some of the best shows.



Le Grand Cirque in Manila 2016 - 2017

I got invited in TV shows and got an exclusive feature.


My world has become more exciting and to cap it off, I get to share my blogging journey with all the Grade 7 students of Miriam College when they invited to be their resource speaker.



It was really awesome.  My daughter was in the audience and when I asked her if I do well on stage she enthusiastically replied, yes and I had this impression that she was proud of me. 🙂

But above all I take pride from finding a new set of BFF’s.


I always believe that God put us in a perfect place (always) to meet the perfect people whom we can share stories of our lives with.  And there I found this lovely two. 🙂

Although the past few years have been exciting, this year I want to leveI-up my game.  This year, I will work on improving my photography skills and get a grip in video production, so stay tune with more cooking videos. But do not worry, I’ll be sharing everything in a form of e-book or a video tutorial, a workshop or Facebook live. 🙂  I’m also thinking of going back to school.  I have plans to finally get an MA.  Also, this year, I want to start a school. A small school for children. It’s always been a dream and this year, I really want to start it, regardless how small. 🙂

I think I will leave it here, I’ll give you more updates whether or not I accomplish the things I just wrote above.  I hope you find inspiration in what I do and what I plan to do in the future.

I believe that

“I am the captain  of my ship and master of my fate.  I believe in myself. I believe in he hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love.” – Richard Branson

I’m open for product collaboration!

If you want us to work together for product or service review or you want to invite me to be your guest speaker about food photography or blogging, shoot me an email at joy@joybites.com or give me a call at (0906) 353-8204


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  1. Kay | A Gracious Life
    March 4, 2015 at 12:29 pm (3 years ago)

    Hello there. I came across your interview at Mommy Bloggers Phils. That was inspiring. I especially love the fact that after some failures, you kept on and somehow, life led you to a better place. I somewhat feel what you have gone through. Only, I’m still on that path, keeping on, holding on…knowing there’s something there for me along the way. Thanks for sharing your story. God bless you.

  2. Joy Gurtiza
    March 5, 2015 at 1:13 am (3 years ago)

    Hi Kay, I’m glad you find my interview inspirational. 🙂 Just keep on hanging on if there’s one lesson I strongly learned was “matatapos din iyan”.

    I just came across this quote from Richard Branson… it’s so powerful I hope it will help brighten your day.

    “I am the captain of my ship and master of my fate. I believe in myself. I believe in he hands that work, in the brains that think, and in the hearts that love.”



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