5 Fun Things To Do with Kids To Enjoy Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation

On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you enjoy Christmas vacation with no-school and the kids are all around you? (1 being the least, and 5 the most)? If you had asked me a few years back my honest answer is 2. I know it’s embarrassing. But when you are a work-at-home… Read More »

Photo Essay: Have You Been to Vigan?

ilocos norte

Vigan’s well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture was named as one of The New 7 Wonders of the World.  I’m proud. I had a quick tour in Vigan last year and here are some of my best and favorite photos: This is by far my most favorite photo of Vigan, just look at the details.  I went… Read More »

My First Toy Photography Adventure

toy photography

Today, I have one hundred and one things to do but, I choose to do something else. Like taking pictures of my kids’ toys. Last night I read Steven’s post on Cool Toy Photography Ideas For Beginners.   It was very inspiring… I can’t wait to start taking pictures.  I have all this funny and ridiculous… Read More »

So, you want to become a mommy blogger?

become a mommy blogger

Oh hell yeah, admit it. You want to become a mommy blogger. That sincere thought which keeps you up every 12 midnight. You want to have a bit of excitement in your everyday washing the dishes and doing the laundry. You want to be noticed.  At this time and age you still have that dream… Read More »

Self Belief and Surprises

When was the day you started to believe in yourself? In my case, I can’t remember… but I’m sure it was not too long ago. But when I started to believe, everything changed… all for the better. I became a blogger, a food photographer, a book author, a speaker.  I became crafty, and all of… Read More »

What I Learned at Veni Flores’ How To Make Thoughts Happen

I attended Veni Flores’ 3-hour talk on How To Make Thoughts Happen in Prestige Tower, Ortigas yesterday. This is the first motivational talk I attended this year.  The truth is, I’m more of a book lady than an attendee.  (I will comfortably read the books of Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey and my new favorite Shawn… Read More »

Are You Feeling Happy Today?

concious happiness

Are you happy today? Today, I choose to write about happiness. I always believe that when we are happy it makes the people around us happy too. Do you have this feeling that there is this one specific day in your life that you can be impossibly happy because things doesn’t go your way or… Read More »

How Visuals Can Help Kids Learn Fast?

What is your teaching style? If you ask me, I don’t have anything specific. But today, I wrote the days of the week in a manila paper and posted it right in the heart of our living room.  I’m completely driven by my friend’s FB post on how she is using visuals to help her… Read More »

Why I Don’t Want to be Ordinary: 2 Reasons Mediocrity is Killing Me

You feel it, right? Mediocrity? Yes? You, the plain and simple YOU. If you frequent my blog and are my regular reader by heart, chances are we share something in common. It’s… The urge to be less ordinary. A little less mediocre. All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity… Read More »

Celebrating Mother’s Day

mother's day

Have you been with a group of people and told yourself;  I belong here. I’ve been with a group of people and it doesn’t come out as a statement but rather a question. I belong here? Just this morning I sat in front of my computer, I looked at my Facebook pictures with some friends… Read More »