Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan Celebrates 45 years of Awesomeness at Nurture Spa Village

maricel laxa birthday

Mommy Bloggers Philippines were invited by Celebrity Mom Magazine to celebrate Maricel Laxa-Pangililinan’s birthday at Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City and I’m very happy to be tagged along. Here’s a photo essay of my awesome experience. As soon as we get to Nurture Wellness Village in Tagaytay City we were greeted by the beautiful and genuinely nice Celebrity Mom Magazine’s… Read More »

When you hear someone say that you are a lousy son of a bitch!

water lily

Painful isn’t it? Specially if you hear it from someone close to you, perhaps one of your family member tell you straight in you face that YOU ARE A LOUSY, SON OF A BITCH! Maybe, not exactly like that, a little bit loving perhaps… You are a lousy, son of a bitch. My Story When I was… Read More »

JoyBites’ Cheesecake Rocks!

kiwi cheesecake

Last year, one my New Year’s resolution was to break some of my self-inflicted boundaries, at least little by little. To at least try to do one thing I’m most afraid of. Well… I’ve done a couple, but my most successful is the cheesecake. I remember posting pictures of my cheesecake on Facebook (like what I… Read More »

My Memorable MBP Christmas Party

MBP Christmas Party

I can write 101 memorable moments preparing for the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas party, but I’ll just write my 3 best picks. First on my list was when we had all-day Jollibee meal on December 4. It was the most memorable of all.  From 10am to 6pm we went to Ortigas and Quezon City to… Read More »

Why I’m Extra Beautiful During The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party?

jocelyn make up

I want to start this post with a long and big HA HA HA HA and ask you:  Why do you want to know? But I’ll save that for later and spend my first few lines to tell my make-up artist during the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas party how thankful I am to her for… Read More »

5 Fun Things To Do with Kids To Enjoy Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation

On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you enjoy Christmas vacation with no-school and the kids are all around you? (1 being the least, and 5 the most)? If you had asked me a few years back my honest answer is 2. I know it’s embarrassing. But when you are a work-at-home… Read More »

Photo Essay: Have You Been to Vigan?

ilocos norte

Vigan’s well-preserved Spanish colonial architecture was named as one of The New 7 Wonders of the World.  I’m proud. I had a quick tour in Vigan last year and here are some of my best and favorite photos: This is by far my most favorite photo of Vigan, just look at the details.  I went… Read More »

My First Toy Photography Adventure

toy photography

Today, I have one hundred and one things to do but, I choose to do something else. Like taking pictures of my kids’ toys. Last night I read Steven’s post on Cool Toy Photography Ideas For Beginners.   It was very inspiring… I can’t wait to start taking pictures.  I have all this funny and ridiculous… Read More »

So, you want to become a mommy blogger?

become a mommy blogger

Oh hell yeah, admit it. You want to become a mommy blogger. That sincere thought which keeps you up every 12 midnight. You want to have a bit of excitement in your everyday washing the dishes and doing the laundry. You want to be noticed.  At this time and age you still have that dream… Read More »

Self Belief and Surprises

When was the day you started to believe in yourself? In my case, I can’t remember… but I’m sure it was not too long ago. But when I started to believe, everything changed… all for the better. I became a blogger, a food photographer, a book author, a speaker.  I became crafty, and all of… Read More »