A Del Monte Pineapple a Day Helps Strengthen Your Children’s Immunity


Since my daughter was 3 years old her diet always includes Del Monte Pineapple juice and fruit, she’s always constipated; her Pediatrician recommended a daily consumption of rich in vitamins and high in fiber fruits.  Her Pediatrician specifically asked we give our daughter Del Monte Pineapples. Because of her regular pineapple intake her bowel movement… Read More »

A Motivational Quote I Know I Love But I Can’t Remember


Some twenty years ago I read a motivational quote in Reader’s Digest with the word doughnut.  Today I’m trying to remember it, besides the word doughnut I know it has the words do not look, hole, and eye…  I look it up in Google and it turns out the quote is from a poem called, The Optimist’s Creed  … Read More »

Warning: The Inside Out Movie Will Make You Love Sadness More

inside out movie

We had an awesome weekend! We had a chance to watch a special block screening of Inside Out courtesy of Modworld Popcorn Club, on August 22 and our very own Mommy Bloggers Philippines is a proud media partner for this event. Upon entrance we were given the chance to win special prizes from the following sponsors: Gluta White/DermPlus,… Read More »

Disney Live! Buy 4 Get FREE 1 Ticket!

disney live

Finally we are going to see Mickey Mouse and his band of friends, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck & Goofy in a music mash-up of mega proportions.  We will finally hear their favorite Disney hits remixed to rock, pop, reggae, hip hop, jazz and country this year in Disney Live! Mickey Music Festival! Disney LIVE – Mickey’s Music… Read More »

How Important is Clean Water and How it Gambles with Your Family’s Health?

wilkins circle of trust

I’m a mother of four lively, very active (makulit, even!) and happy kids. I can proudly and honestly claim that I have been a hands-on mom from the beginning and still continue to do so. Starting out was not easy and, with my first child, finding reliable advice has always been a challenge. My mother… Read More »

Ensogo.com.ph: When Online Shopping Gives You Twice the Fun at Half the Price

Over two years ago we celebrated Lily’s 3rd birthday in Tagaytay at Chateau Royale Resorts. We booked an overnight stay for 2 log cabins.  The log cabins are so huge it can fit in 12-15 people inside to party. I reserved 2 rooms for us and another room for my parents and siblings.  The rate is amazing, I… Read More »

Ogalala World System in Play: How learning through play develops your children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual skills?

ogalala world

Lily and I were invited to the Ogalala World: Ogalala Child Development Workshop at the Ogalala Flagship store located at L4 East Wing, Edsa Shangrila Plaza Mall. The Ogalala Child Development Workshop is a workshop for both parents and kids that share insights on children’s developmental milestones, special needs, and behavioral changes through the Ogalala System in Play.… Read More »

Kodanda Archery Range Offers Archery Lesson for Kids


Are you a fan of The Hunger Games? We are not. We just admire Katniss’ bow and arrow and her enduring skills to survive. My children are a fan of learning new things, just like some other kids. They find archery interesting… after they watched the animation movie Brave, where the strong-willed Merida demonstrates her… Read More »

Celebrating Mother’s Day at The Linden Suites Manila

the linden suite

It’s like a dream. I get out of bed, stretch, and make myself some coffee. I settle in on the couch and admire the beautiful suite we are staying for Mother’s Day. I hope most my days are like this. Slow… simple and beautiful… My family celebrated Mother’s Day at The Linden Suites Manila in Ortigas. I was telling the children about… Read More »

Downy Pays Tribute to Mothers on Mother’s Day

050615 Downy_0078

Last week, I took my eldest daughter with me to the Downy Timeless mother’s day celebration at The Peninsula Manila. And here’s our selfie together at the event. Downy Timeless invited mother and their children make new memories together and I guess the picture above best sums up the memories we created during the event.  Funny,… Read More »