Product Review: Doctor J Isopropyl Alcohol


I’m not a fan of alcohol.  I only use it if the children has wounds or bruises that needs disinfectant and it stays inside our first aid kit bag. I’m not the type of person who puts alcohol before every meal or if my hands stuck on something “yucky”.  I’m an old fashioned soap and water… Read More »

Product Review: Mighty Mom Dishwashing Liquid


Tell me, how do you want your dishwashing liquid? If you ask me, I want my dishwashing to be: 1.  Grease Cutter! It should quickly cuts through the grease and helps get my dishes and utensils clean and spotless. 2. Economical 3. Gentle on hands 4. Philippine made I found everything I wanted in the Mighty… Read More »

Let Your Kids Choose Their Own Clothes

Great Kids PH

How many times you bought your kids clothes and they didn’t like it? What I’m trying to say is, you spend your money on your kids’ clothes and they didn’t wear what you bought for them. I had my fair share of instances where that exactly happened. Recently, I bought my eldest daughter a white shirt that has a… Read More »

Cebuana Lhuillier to give away free one million microinsurance policies to Filipinos

Jean Henri Lhuillier

When I was a little girl, when I overhear the name Cebuana among my neighbors and some relatives, I think of it as a place where you let them borrow your necklaces or your earrings in exchange of money.  The word pawnshop then is too big for me to understand. But Cebuana these days evolved… Read More »

You have to try the new and improved Burger McDo, now!

improved burger mcdo

Get a taste of the new and improved Burger McDo! Young people nowadays want their most precious things, including their tried and tested products, to evolve with them—to grow as their taste and preferences mature over time. When they look for change, they don’t want something new, but improved; not different, just better. Keeping up with… Read More »

Mommy Bloggers Philippines and The Maya Kitchen Brings an exciting Mommy and Kid Cupcake Baking Workshop this May

Maya Baking Workshop

We are going to a cupcake baking and decorating workshop this weekend!  Yipee! Cooking with kids is fun and rewarding whether you bake dessert, whip up a fun snack, or come up with something mouthwatering for dinner together. Most young children love to measure, mix, pour and decorate. With this is mind Mommy Bloggers Philippines… Read More »

Lily learns to make Bavarian Cheese Pretzel at Brotzeit German Bier bar and Restaurant in Shangri-la Mall


Lily likes cooking and baking.  Every cooking and baking time Lily volunteers to help.  Though, I must admit that sometimes her little hands make more mess than help. But of course, I appreciate her enthusiasm, not all my children love to help out in the kitchen. When Mommy Bloggers PH announced that there will be… Read More »

A Star is Born! Star, the Newest Eden Mommy!

Eden Cheese Mommy

We just met the newest Eden Mommy! Meet, Mommy Star! Mommy Star has always lived up to her name. As a hands-on single parent, the working mom loves to share her mommy stories on Facebook. Through her kwela videos about the most random life hacks and helpful tips and tricks, fans and followers alike have… Read More »

Mommy and Me Apparels at Pois Belly & Kids Boutique

great kids ph boutique

“What is twinning, nanay?”, my youngest daughter asked. I thought to show her photos of some famous celebrity mother and daughter twinning, but I choose to teach by example so I took her shopping! I took her to Pois Belly & Kids Boutique in Mega Mall, I knew this store has clothes for mommy and… Read More »

You Have to Taste the Love with Mega Creations Premium Sardines

Mega Creations Sardines

I remember when I had my first taste of Mega Premium Spanish Sardines, way back in 2002, during a food fair in World Trade Center.  I was so surprised to learn that it tastes so different from the sardines I grew up with, and it was so good with bread I thought it was an… Read More »